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St George Cranes offers a versatile range of high-quality cranes for hire in Sydney. Our crane hire services are ideal for a broad range of lifting jobs and for all kinds of onsite environments. If you’re looking for a scalable range of heavy duty machinery, we have the solutions for you. We provide crawlers, tight access cranes and even mobile heavy lifters for major projects. Our top quality range is maintained and serviced to high performance and quality standards. Browse our range below and look in our brochures for specifications and relative information. If you’re looking for a special load capacity or performance roles, the tonnage specifications will act as a useful guide.

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Quick reference guide

Crane Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Set up Width (mm) Radius (1 Tonne) Radius (2 Tonne)
3t Crawler Crane 1300 1845 4290 4000 6 mtrs 3 mtrs
10t City Crane 2000 2900 5750 4900 12 mtrs 6 mtrs
15t Franna Crane 2470 3000 9700 N/A 12 mtrs 10 mtrs
20t Franna Crane 2500 3100 10000 N/A 12 mtrs 11 mtrs
25t City Crane 2500 3600 9000 6000 20 mtrs 15 mtrs
55t AT Crane 3000 3900 12100 6300 36 mtrs 28 mtrs

3t Crawler Crane

10t City Crane

  • Main boom: 23.2m
  • Main boom & extensions: 26m
  • Length of crane: 5.75m
  • Width of crane (with outriggers): 4.9m
  • Radius Chart & Specs

15t Franna Crane AT15

20t Franna Crane AT20

25t City Crane

  • Main boom: 30.5m
  • Main boom & extensions: 34.3m
  • Length of crane: 6.88m
  • Width of crane (with outriggers): 6.0m
  • Radius Chart & Specs

55t All Terrain crane