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The Franna is a mobile crane brand popular among experts for its toughness, maneuverability and reliability in different work environments. At St George Cranes, we provide a versatile range of Franna cranes for hire including two tight access crane models.

They are used in many very different workplaces and environments like workshops, mines, factories and plant sites. Also known as “pick and carry”, these cranes are designed to manage loads in demanding locations anywhere in Sydney.

Whether lifting light to heavy weight material, Franna cranes can do job without taking much time or effort! We also provide trained and licensed crane operators and dog men to make the task more manageable as a part of our services for Franna hire in Sydney.

Ideal for high-performance tasks requiring extensive load carriage, our Franna cranes elevate work efficiency. Embrace the benefits of our high-performing mobile Franna crane hire across Sydney and its surrounding regions.

Key Features of Our Franna Cranes


Franna cranes are renowned for their versatility, manoeuvring in tight spaces, and navigating challenging terrains.


The ability to move quickly and easily from one location to another is a key benefit of Franna cranes. At St George Cranes.

Capacity and reach

Our fleet of Franna cranes for hire comes in various models with different lifting capacities. Whether you need to lift heavy machinery or materials to significant heights, we ensure that you have the right crane for the job.


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Franna cranes, available for hire in Sydney may find diverse applications across various industries. The versatility and mobility of these cranes make them indispensable for a wide range of lifting tasks. Here are some common applications of Franna crane hire.

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Construction material handling

Franna cranes excel in lifting and moving construction materials, including steel beams, pipes, and concrete blocks. Our Franna cranes can cater to the specific needs of construction sites, providing efficient material handling solutions.

Tight space equipment placement

The ability to operate in confined spaces is a key advantage of Franna cranes. They can be particularly valuable for projects requiring the placement of equipment and machinery in challenging and restricted environments.

franna crane hire

Truck and trailer loading/unloading

Franna cranes are well-suited for loading and unloading trucks and trailers. Their mobility and compact design enable them to navigate loading docks and tight spaces with ease.

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Tree removal and maintenance

Franna cranes can play a key role in tree removal and maintenance tasks. Our Franna hire services can support arborists and landscaping professionals in Sydney with reliable crane solutions.

Mining operations

Mining operations

Franna cranes can be useful for mining operations for various tasks such as material handling, equipment placement, and maintenance activities.

Franna Crane Hire FAQs

Franna crane hire services are useful in a wide range of workplaces and situations, including mines, workshops, mines, plant sites and factories across Sydney. Renowned for their pick-and-carry capability, these cranes excel in managing loads in varied, challenging locations.

Franna cranes are capable of lifting both light and heavy materials and offer efficient solutions without compromising performance. Our Franna crane hire services provide licensed and well-trained crane operators and dog men, ensuring that lifting tasks are not only efficient but also managed safely and professionally.

Our services for Franna Hire in Sydney include both 15-tonne and 20-tonne cranes, each designed for specific needs. With a manual extension of up to a range of 15.8m and a 1600kgs load capacity, these cranes are ideal for navigating tight access areas and handling materials such as bricks and building materials.

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