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How To Choose The Right Crane?

With many Sydney cranes available for immediate hire, it’s hard to choose which is the right one to choose for your coming project, especially that what defines the best crane is different and the decision is extremely critical for the success of the job, and more importantly everyone’s safety.


If you are looking for a crane hire in Sydney, St George Cranes have listed the different cranes to choose from in order to make a wise decision when contacting a crane rental company, as different cranes have different applications to make the job a lot more easier, and avoid putting the crane, the assets and staff at risk of injury.

Narrow Access Cranes

These cranes are the perfect lifters for jobs in tight spaces since they provide a raised platform that is built to stand on so the crane operator can get access to narrow width spaces and reach up to the lights or windows that are up high, making it ideal in stairwells and tight vestibules.  

Cantilever Cranes

Similar to the narrow access cranes, but Cantilever lifters have a protruding arm on one side which allows you to perform a job at a distance from the crane itself.

Tower Bridging Cranes (Beams)

When you are working between 2 access towers, tower bridging beams will allow you to move in between both of them by attaching them together, giving you a wider area while performing the job.

Folding Indoor Scaffolds

This is a great crane to hire if you are working on a site that would require regularly moving and storing the crane, so this one is foldable and works best for mobile use, so it’s often referred to as ‘mobile crane’, easy to move around and hire since it can server different areas across Sydney.

Lift Shaft Cranes

Perfect for carrying stuff to heights, minimising the risk of falling since it provides a platform that is raised and lowered within a shaft.

Span Access Platforms

Generally closer in function to cantilever cranes and bridging beams but on a bigger scale, since they allow more than one worker, making them a good hybrid choice for carrying larger objects that are at a high position while being on a site that is filled with workstations, machines, desks, computers or any other obstacles.

Stairway Access Crane

As the name implies, it can be configured to work on a stairway to allow access to anything high above a stairway.

Floor Cranes

Hydraulically operated cranes that allow you to lift and move heavy materials while also having the ability to be folded and moved or stored easily.

Mini Crawler Cranes

Mini cranes are ideal for small areas requiring lifting heavy loads that a floor crane cannot handle.

Self-Erecting Trailer Cranes

The best crane to hire for projects requiring access to areas that are restricted or where an access platform cannot be used. Compact in size and works well where there is limited access.


Ready to place your crane hire enquiry? Talk to the team at St George Cranes who will give you the best advice on which crane to rent for your coming project.

Date posted: December 5, 2019 | St George Cranes