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What Is Rough Terrain Crane?

Rough terrain cranes are a type of mobile crane designed to be driven on different types of surfaces. Built on a body with 4 large rubber tyres, it is ideal for pick-and-carry operations, off-road and rough terrain applications. They are practical in tighter space as they are more compact than most other types of off-road cranes. The majority of rough terrain cranes are designed with 4WD (four-wheel drive), which can assist in off-road navigation. Rough terrain cranes are one of the most commonly used mobile cranes in the construction industry as they have the ability to travel through rugged terrain and climb over uneven surfaces.


Rough Terrain Crane Application

When a project is on rough, rugged or uneven ground and requires heavy lifting. Rough terrain cranes are the most suitable as they are equipped with outriggers that can help level and stabilise the crane for hoisting. Whether the terrain comprises mud, ice, dirt or rocks, these cranes can drive over them without compromising their load capacity.


The biggest advantage of rough terrain cranes is their ability to manoeuvre through difficult terrain while remaining compact in size. It can also be driven over public roads, allowing it to be moved from one site to another easily.


Rough Terrain Crane Benefits

Rough terrain cranes offer a lot of advantages over other types of mobile cranes. Some advantages include:


Rough terrain cranes have excellent manoeuvrability over rough surfaces and obstacles. Their tight turn radius allows it to move quicker around job sites in comparison with other cranes. They are designed with 2 hyper-sized axles that propel the wheel, making it AWD (all-wheel drive). This allows it to turn tight corners even on sloppy, uneven and steep terrains.



The rough terrain cranes’ large tyres and independent outriggers provide better control and allow the crane to level itself when the ground is sloped or uneven.


Improved Steering & Traction

Rough terrain cranes have better steering and traction in comparison to other types of mobile cranes. Certain rough terrain cranes have multiple steering modes: front-wheel steering, all-wheel centric steering and all-wheel crabbing



When compared to other types of mobile cranes that are similar in size and loading capacity, rough terrain cranes outperform its counterpart thanks to their H-pattern hydraulic outriggers. The hydraulic outriggers allow it to have a wider centre of gravity, which provides better stability and safety.



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Date posted: January 18, 2022 | St George Cranes