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What Is A Mobile Crane?

A mobile crane is one of the most common crane types available in Australia. Mobile cranes can either be controlled through a cable or powered hydraulically and is often referred to as boom cranes. They were designed to be able to move from one site to another easily. Advanced mobile cranes require minimum effort to assemble or set up, making them the perfect choice for many jobs. A mobile crane is simply a hook that is suspended using a wire rope from a boom, which the crane operates. While this is just a generic definition of the crane, there are many different types of mobile cranes available on the market and they cater for different purposes.


What Are Mobile Cranes Used For?

Mobile cranes can serve different purposes and it’s important to consult before hiring a crane for your job or project. The most common mobile cranes available in Australia include pick and carry crane, city crane, crawler crane, all-terrain crane and franna crane. In the past, mobile cranes were used for light jobs, however, the most advanced cranes now allow the completion of almost any job. 


Franna cranes are one of the most popular and widely used mobile cranes. Franna cranes are perfect for job sites that are located in the city because of their compact sizes. This type of crane is ideal for projects that have restricted access and space. While for remote areas with no road access, all-terrain cranes are more suitable as they offer the manoeuvrability that allows them to travel on almost any surface.


How Do Mobile Cranes Work?

Mobile cranes function using a series of mechanical and hydraulic processes that allow them to lift heavy items. Mobile cranes consist of a mast (the tall vertical part of a crane) that is supported by the base that works to balance the heavyweight being lifted. The slewing unit is located at the top of the mast and its motor allows the crane to rotate. The slewing unit also contains the jib that uses a trolley to help carry the load. Mobile cranes also feature a pulley system, which assists the crane to lift heavier loads with minimal force.


The Advantages Of Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are quite versatile in comparison with tower cranes. These are some of the advantages that the mobile crane has over its counterpart:

·         They work better in tight access and restricted areas due to their compact size

·         They require minimal time to set up and assemble making them much more affordable to hire 

·         They offer higher lifting capacities which are often overlooked by project managers


Mobile cranes make a great choice for various projects and are one of the most affordable cranes to hire. If you are looking to hire a crane in Sydney, contact St. George Cranes for competitive crane hire rates. 


Date posted: September 2, 2021 | St George Cranes