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What Are Crawler Cranes Used For

Each construction job has a unique requirements to fulfil. Depending on the load, function and project terrain, specific cranes may be better suited for a specific set of tasks. Crawler cranes are great for projects that have rough or uneven terrain. By choosing the correct crane to fit the task, the job can get done as smoothly as possible.


Crawler crane at construction site

What is a crawler crane?

A crawler crane is a crane mounted on an undercarriage that has a set of tracks, also known as crawlers. These are heavy-duty cranes that utilise treads to move throughout a construction site and can lift in excess of 2500 tons. The engine and the control cabin are on top of the tracks with a boom raised right above the cabin. Cables run through the boom, and a hoist or hook is attached at the end of the boom. The crawler crane can also have a small extension at the end of the boom, allowing the crane to reach further. Due to their compact working footprint and ability to swing 360 degrees, they are able to fit into small spaces and are very versatile. Though crawler cranes are slower than wheeled cranes, they are more manoeuvrable on uneven terrain.


When are crawler cranes used?

Crawler cranes are heavy-duty machines that come in a variety of load capacities. Because it is on tracks and not on wheels, the crawler crane is more stable and can lift more weight than the wheeled crane. One of the main advantages of crawler cranes is that they are capable of travelling with a load while navigating these tight spaces. If one of your projects requires extra height capabilities, extreme weight loading, positioned on unstable ground, or needs a longer reach, a crawler crane might be your best bet. Due to their versatility, they are often used in moving building materials, demolition, removal of debris, foundation work and light lifting in the mining industry.


How is a crawler crane operated?

If you need to ask, it is probably best to leave it to the professionals. A professional crane operator can be hired to operate the crane for you and is fully insured. A professional will understand how to operate the crane in the best manner to get your job done safely, efficiently and to the highest standard.

However, here is a rundown of the basics of what a crawler crane operator will consider:

      · A crane operator will maintain excellent communication with those on-site, using signals such as the horn, hand signals or on the radio.

· They will assess the area to ensure clearance of obstructions.

· When starting the crane, they allow time for the engine to warm up and check all crane functions to ensure smooth operation.

· The crane operator will know the specific load capabilities and will adhere to the guidelines at all times.

·  Crawler cranes require slow and smooth movement when performing a lift.

· Operating a crawler crane is no easy task and a well-trained, experienced crane operator is needed to ensure a safe and successful lift.


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Date posted: July 2, 2021 | St George Cranes