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What Is A City Crane?

City cranes have been widely used for decades throughout the world, they are usually used on construction sites with tight access. Their compact design allows them to perform a variety of jobs without compromising their lift height and weight capacity.


What Are City Cranes Used For?

City cranes are popular for their exceptional versatility and compact design. This means that it can be used across various applications and projects without facing any issues. They are the ideal crane of choice for projects that have limited access and are known as the ‘king’ for tight access lifting.

They are commonly used in construction sites to empty containers waste, deliver goods, loading gravel and lifting a variety of material in bulk. However, they are not exclusive to construction, as they work perfectly on other job sites that have limited access and require a tall lift.

City cranes are also used in recycling facilities, especially metal recycling that involve heavy loads. City cranes can carry up to 25 tonnes and are one of the most capable cranes when it comes to heavy lifting.


How Do City Cranes Work?

The design features a small footprint, an adjustable turning circle and a long boom configuration that allows the crane to be transported to sites that have limited access while still offering tall lifts and minimal set-up time.


The Advantages Of City Cranes

City cranes remain one of the most popular crane choices because of their versability and benefits over other types of cranes.

·         A variety of city cranes are available – different sizes and lifting capacities. They are one of the most common cranes that can be found at crane hire companies.

·         They require minimal set-up time and are a great choice for those that need a crane urgently. They can also reduce operational costs due to their minimal set-up costs.

·         Suitable for sites that have tight access

·         They are highly manoeuvrable and the crane design doesn’t compromise on strength or lifting capacity.  


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Date posted: October 11, 2021 | St George Cranes