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What Are The Best Pick & Carry Cranes?

At St George Cranes, we provide high-quality crane hire in Sydney to suit all purposes and budgets. With a wide range of fleet to suit any application, we can provide genuine advice on the best crane for you based on your unique requirements. There are many factors to consider when deciding what crane is best for your job, including site layout, access, and weight of the materials to be moved. 

We have the largest selection of pick and carry cranes in Sydney to help you complete your project promptly, and most importantly, on a budget since our crane hire rates are very competitive. These versatile movers are also available in various shapes and sizes, to withstand heavy weights. Our pick and carry cranes comply with Australian Standards and are highly manoeuvrable for your convenience.


Our Cranes

Pick and carry cranes are very popular for their ability to lift heavy loads, and transport them to another location while suspended. They have been designed and engineered to move loads without outrigger support. 

This means they are an ideal choice for sites with limited access, as pick and carry cranes have the flexibility to avoid obstacles and perform in situations where other large cranes may not work. They also require minimal setup time since they do not require outrigger support. Check our range of all-terrain cranes to learn more about how they work and their different capacities. 


Franna Cranes

At St George Cranes, we provide a versatile range of Franna cranes including two tight access crane models. The Franna is a mobile crane brand popular among experts for its toughness, maneuverability and reliability in different work environments.  Franna has been a manufacturer of quality cranes and an industry leader in Australia for decades. Franna cranes offer advanced designs, guaranteeing a crane that is versatile and suitable for a wide range of environments. We provide 15-tonne and 20-tonne Franna cranes, both of which are perfect for a range of needs. Whether you’re navigating tight access areas or working with bricks and building materials, our cranes can help you.


St George Cranes

Our cranes come with a variety of safety devices. St George Cranes is one of the best crane hire companies in Sydney, servicing the Greater Sydney area. We are experts when it comes to cranes and transport services. We’ve been in business for more than 25 years, providing reliable crane hire in the Sydney Metro region. At St George Cranes, we provide you with the friendly service of a small company and the product range and services of a large one. Talk to us today about your needs and we will find a tailored solution.


If you need to hire a mobile pick and carry crane, speak to our team to find out more about how St George Cranes can help you complete your project.


Date posted: November 10, 2020 | St George Cranes