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What Are Mobile Cranes Used For?

Mobile cranes are instrumental for many different construction projects. They are mounted on a prime mover and controlled by pulleys and cables, enabling them to be transported on the road and off-road. Mobile cranes are designed to be compact, powerful and manoeuvrable. Here’s what you need to know about mobile cranes.


Benefits Of Using Mobile Cranes

Save Time

Mobile cranes have a high working speed, allowing for the crane to be driven efficiently over both rough or smooth terrains and over long distances. These cranes can be driven to the working site and quickly deployed rather than being loaded, transported, unloaded and assembled. They also feature precise lift positioning that allows operators to handle construction material more quickly and efficiently. The compact size and mobility of a mobile crane make them uniquely suited to urban settings where there is typically less space, and more obstructions.


Save Money

Mobile cranes are versatile enough that you only need one crane to complete multiple tasks. Many projects will rent or buy a smaller crane to transport goods once on-site, and a larger crane to perform assembly jobs. Due to its size and manoeuvrability, a mobile crane can often take on a range of these tasks, removing the need for multiple different cranes.

Managing the outgoing spending and schedule is key to ensuring your project runs on budget. One of the main benefits of choosing mobile crane hire over a tower crane is the ability to call on them only when needed. Fixed cranes take time to set up and also require qualified workers during the setup process. Mobile cranes can be set up quickly and reduce billable hours of work.


Handle Heavy Loads

Mobile cranes can be used to lift heavy loads and move them from site to site, as well as help construct larger tower cranes and other assembly projects. The hydraulic expandable boom, heavy-duty axles and outriggers allow mobile cranes to precisely reach and carry loads from one place to another. It is a common misconception that mobile cranes should only be used for smaller jobs as some mobile cranes are capable of performing lifts of up to 220 tonnes.


Jobs For Mobile Cranes

Construction and Roofing

Mobile cranes are most commonly used in construction and roofing projects. They are able to move materials from site to site and lift heavy loads in tight urban areas, making them vital on many construction sites. Using mobile cranes to install roofing materials and to perform construction jobs reduces the risk of damage to both the materials as well as surrounding equipment and property.


Assembly of Equipment

Mobile cranes are often used in the assembly of other larger tower cranes or equipment needed on site. A mobile crane operated by a skilled and experienced operator can carry out precise lifts in areas with no road access or where space is limited. They are able to manoeuvre easily in tight spaces, assisting in the precise placement of machine parts. By using a mobile crane in the assembly of equipment, you can avoid hazards and reduce damage to the equipment.


HVAC Units

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units (HVAC) can be difficult to transport due to their weight and size. HVAC systems are typically extremely heavy and need to be installed on rooftops, which can be a difficult job to complete. A mobile crane can be used to hoist and transport HVAC units for installation. This cuts down on the time and amount of equipment needed for installation. Mobile cranes can be used to install HVAC units on both paved roads and worksites.


Types of Mobile Cranes

Crawler Cranes

A crawler crane is a crane mounted on an undercarriage that has a set of tracks, also known as crawlers. These are heavy-duty cranes that utilise treads to move throughout a construction site. Due to their compact working footprint and ability to swing 360 degrees, they are able to fit into small spaces and are very versatile. Due to this versatility, they are often used in moving building materials, debris removal and foundation work.


Pick and Carry Cranes

Pick and carry cranes are very popular for their ability to lift and transport heavy loads. They have been designed and engineered to move loads without outrigger support. Pick and carry cranes are ideal for sites that have limited access or areas that large cranes cannot operate in.


Truck-Mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes refer to trucks that have a crane at the rear or behind the cab, which can be used to load and unload goods from the truck’s deck. Truck-mounted cranes are adaptable to a wide range of jobs and can drive down the highway. They are the ideal choice for jobs that require the transport of goods between different sites.


Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes are designed specifically for off-road environments. They are mounted on four tyres and use a telescoping boom for pick and carry operations. Their oversized tyres, short wheelbase and crab steering contribute to their overall manageability. Rough terrain cranes are capable of navigating narrow spaces and can be driven on rough or uneven terrain.


All-Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes are specifically designed to be used on different types of sites and terrain. They can operate under harsh conditions due to them being a hybrid of rough terrain cranes and pick and carry cranes. All-terrain cranes are mobile cranes that can go at high speed on public roads and motorways, and also reach sites with limited access. They are able to be moved from site to site without the need for additional transport and have a much larger lifting capability than other mobile cranes.



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Date posted: August 12, 2021 | St George Cranes