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What Are All Terrain Cranes?

All-terrain cranes were designed to suit different types of terrain and withstand a range of weather conditions. They are considered a hybrid design of mobile cranes and rough terrain cranes. It offers the mobility of truck-mounted cranes and the manoeuvrability of rough terrain cranes.

An all-terrain crane performs better in terms of off-road terrain mobility and speed on public roads while maintaining a higher lifting capacity. They have more tyres and are larger than rough terrain cranes. As part of their incredible power and mobility, they can travel a range of materials including sand, gravel, asphalt and tar. 


All-Terrain Crane Application

This versatility alongside speed and manoeuvrability have made all-terrain cranes ideal for both on and off-road projects. Its all-wheel steering allows it to access confined job sites and remote construction sites with no road access.

All-terrain cranes usually come with a 4WD system (four-wheel drive) and can be powered by 1 or 2 engines. They use a hydraulically powered telescopic boom as the main lifting mechanism. You will commonly see all-terrain cranes used in inner-city or remote construction sites. They are even suitable for projects that have multiple sites within a small radius. All-terrain cranes are typically used in heavy construction lifting, material lifting, heavy transporting application, wind tower erections and petroleum pipeline installation.


All Terrain Crane Advantages

All-terrain cranes were designed to be a combination of mobile cranes and rough terrain cranes and to provide superior performance. The benefits of all-terrain cranes include:

·         Mobility and Speed: AWD (all-wheel drive) steering and suspension system allows these cranes to be driven on public roads while reaching up to a speed of 90kmph. Unlike rough terrain cranes, which can only be driven off-road. 

·        Manoeuvrability and Design: All-terrain cranes are compact in size and can travel on any road material including sand, gravel and asphalt.

·        Lifting Ability: These cranes can lift up to 1,000 tonnes and can reach heights of up to 152 metres. It offers power and precision, meaning that it is perfect for a range of lifting applications including shipping containers and construction material/

·        Adjustability and Efficiency: The all-terrain crane has an attached boom as part of its design. They also come with a mobile undercarriage and hydraulic boom, which can be easily adjusted depending on the project’s requirements.

·         Versatility and Safety: As all-terrain cranes are hybrid, they are the ideal choice for various lifting tasks, thanks to their minimal setup time. Their compact size doesn’t compromise their safety, as they still offer optimal visibility of the work area from the crane’s cab.

·         Durability and Comfort: The design of these cranes are purposely built to withstand rough weather conditions and different terrains. They also provide great comfort for crane operators. 


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Date posted: December 6, 2021 | St George Cranes