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Top Questions To Ask When Hiring A Crane


If you are looking to hire a crane in Sydney, whether for a small job or a big construction project, there are some important questions you should be asking. Cranes can make a huge difference to both efficiency and safety on the worksite. Modern cranes and tight access cranes are able to move tons of material very quickly while positioning loads accurately. Your selection of crane(s) is significant to overcoming any handling issues on your site. Here are questions that you should ask before hiring a crane:


What Types of Cranes Are Available?

Certain types of cranes have different functions and lifting capacity, with some considered more ‘heavy-duty’ than others. It is important to understand and explain the requirements of your project to the crane company so that they can recommend a crane based on the specifications and maximum lifting capacity. If you are on a tight project schedule, it is important to confirm that the type of crane require is available within the time frame. As specific cranes tend to be more popular than others. 


How Much Experience Does The Crane Hire Company Have?

Your chosen crane hire company must be experienced and reputable, with highly qualified crane operators. This means that your hired crane will arrive well-maintained and that the company will be able to consult with you in regards to which crane is best for your job. As construction projects are often dangerous in nature, it is essential that they have the experience to adapt to any situation.


Does The Company Have Insurance?

When deciding which crane hire company to use, it is important to consider what insurance they are covered by. Crane rental companies should always have the right cover from reputed insurance companies through professional indemnity insurance, product liability insurance, public liability insurance and latent defects insurance.


Will The Crane Hire Company Inspect The Site Before The Lift?

A major factor in the selection of your hire crane should be the conditions of the worksite. Everything from expected weather conditions to road safety conditions should be considered. If your site is small and difficult to access, a Franna crane might be the perfect solution. If you’re working on uneven services, a rough terrain crane may be more suited.

Professional crane hire companies should offer site inspections to take the guesswork out of the process. St George Cranes will advise on the best crane for the job, crane lift plans, traffic control and assist with the provision of council permits.


What Is My Project Budget?

Finally, you should have a clear understanding of your budget for the lift. It is important to also consider safety and experience, not just cost, when you are making a decision on which crane to use. If you don’t already have a trained crane operator on your project team, hiring an experienced crane operator from us along with the crane is the safest, cost-effective option.


For the friendly service of a small company and the product range and services of a large one, contact St George Cranes today and we can find a tailored solution to your crane needs.



Date posted: June 23, 2021 | St George Cranes