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The Construction Industry: Effects Of COVID-19

Sydney’s construction industry is like all other industries across Australia, and perhaps globally, that are impacted by the rapid spread of Coronavirus, not just in Australian cities, but also across the world. It’s a grey area to everyone yet, as it’s a new situation, but we can definitely tell that the crane hire companies are among everyone else waiting to see and hear what to expect to affect Australians’ everyday life, including the construction industry, as the situation unfolds.

News going up all day every day, but so far, business as usual for us. We are still getting enquiries and completing jobs for those looking to hire cranes in Sydney, and nothing has changed yet, but we all know that the effect of the virus is expected to hit anytime, with expected disruptions to the supply of materials, equipment and shortage of labour with workers quarantined or flying back home if they are not Australian residents.


The Effect of Covid-19 on the Supply of Construction Materials

It’s expected that there will be a shortage in the supply of building materials, with disruptions already happening to deliveries nationally, either for domestic or international supplies, especially that a lot of products are currently supplied from heavily affected areas in China. This might add a burden to builders and slow down construction projects, which in turn will affect crane rentals and hire companies, as the builders would not want to proceed with the more expensive alternative materials that will be sourced.


Novel Coronavirus Effect on Labour Hire

More people are affected, either infected, in quarantine, self-isolation, or simply made their way back home since many workers in construction are in Australia on Working Holiday Visas. At St. George Cranes, our crane hire team and operators are practicing best hygiene and safety techniques to avoid any issues and prevent any widespread outbreaks on site.

We are following the WHS laws and are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all our workers. We are also following precautionary measures and if an employee finds himself at risk, the site manager allows him to seek immediate medical attention. Our crane hire team and employees are responsible for conveying their risk of contracting the virus to us and the doctor.


At St. George Cranes, we are committed to helping our clients and the Sydney construction industry continue as normal as possible during these difficult times. To find out more, contact our team today.

Date posted: April 17, 2020 | St George Cranes