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Overhead Crane Safety Tips


An overhead crane is a cost-effective way to carry and transport a range of loads in different industries, this is usually consisting of a travelling bridge that helps save time and money for those who are looking for an effective crane to hire in Sydney.  

Most crane rental companies take the handling process seriously, as they should, as the crane operators should be very well-trained. As a leading crane hire company, we have put together some tips and tricks to add to your crane safety checklist, in case you go with a cheap crane rental that doesn’t take safety seriously.

1.       Scheduled Maintenance

Ask about the crane inspection and maintenance schedule, when you are hiring a crane in Sydney, ask when it was last inspected and ask to see the maintenance reports. This is not just to extend the crane’s life, but also to ensure you are safe being around it.


2.       Surroundings Check

You don’t want your load to hit something while carried by the crane, so make sure there are no obstacles.


3.       Give Notice

Everybody involved in the work zone should be aware that there is a load being carried and that there is a hired crane in operation.


4.       Safety First

Remember the safety tips including no distraction (yes, mobile phone is one!), no load swinging, no loads over people, and a whole list of safety tips that you can read from our earlier blog.


5.       Crane Limits

Any crane has limits, so remember this is not an estimate, you never have to exceed this limit, it’s not something you can push, it’s a hazard.


6.       Test

At St George Crane Hire Company, we test our equipment regularly to ensure we offer the safest cranes to our customers and becoming one of the best crane rental companies in Sydney.


 If you are looking to hire a crane in Sydney through a rental company that understands safety and takes it seriously, contact us at St. George Cranes today.


Date posted: November 19, 2019 | St George Cranes