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Interesting Facts About Crane Operators


Crane hire companies in Sydney use crane operators to drive mobile or stationary cranes throughout building and construction sites. It is a tough job and for the individual to become a crane operator, they will have to be able to concentrate for extended periods and be comfortable working at heights; this is certainly among many other requirements.


Crane Operator Statistics


The average age of crane operators is 44 years – which is higher than other physical jobs that also requires this amount of focus. Age brackets 45-54 have the highest share of almost 28%, followed by 35-44 at around 26%, 25-34 at 19% and the lowest is for 15-19 at 1.1% and 65+ at 3%. 



There is a currently employment growth decline. The number of crane operators is not increasing in-line with the market demand, which is the cause of crane hire companies that customers can rely on.



Only 3% of all crane operators in Australia are females.


Employment Types & Hours

90% of all crane operators work on a full-time basis. With the average crane operator working 50 hours per week.


Average Pay

The average weekly pay of crane operators stands at around $2,500 per week. This is skewed by some higher incomes in regional and isolated locations including mining locations and construction sites.



The unemployment rate for crane operators is currently sitting in the average of all other fields.


Employment Size

There are almost 11,000 crane operators in Australia. 


By State

The current employment rate by state almost follows the population size in each state. NSW comes first at almost 30%, followed by QLD at almost 23%, VIC at 20%, WA at 17%, SA at 7% and the remainder almost equally shared between TAS & NT.


Education Level

The highest share of crane operators (39%) have a certificate III or IV, and almost 30% have completed year 10 or less. 


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Date posted: May 10, 2021 | St George Cranes