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How Do Mobile Cranes Work?

What Is The Purpose Of Mobile Cranes?

Historically, mobile cranes were exclusively used for light-duty lifting. However, mobile cranes can now be used for lifting almost anything due to their improved lifting capacity. Their mobility allows them to be on the road and their versatile capability makes them suitable for a wide range of projects. Mobile cranes can be used for small domestic appliance lifts to heavy-duty construction work.


Mobile cranes are considered multi-purpose and can be seen on any site including construction, building and roadwork sites. A mobile crane is designed to lift heavy loads and stack items. They are often chosen over tower cranes because of their compact size, minimal set-up time, versatility and superior manoeuvrability.


Different Crane Components

The crane design and its components can vary depending on the model and type. These are the most common mobile crane components:

  • Driving Component: The system used to drive the machine, which usually consists of treads, driving cab, engine and deck
  • Operator’s Cabin: Control panel to the crane, which is sometimes combined with the driver’s cab and provides visibility to the crane operator
  • Boom: This is the long arm that does the lifting and moving action. It can either be a single solid piece or have an extending fold. Some mobile cranes have an extending jib that allows the operator to lift a further distance
  • Hoist and Hook: The hoist is located at the base of the boom and allows the hook to lift the load without the need of moving the boom
  • Hydraulic Pump: This provides pressure to the system and allows it to move and lift the load.
  • Outriggers and Counterweights: The balancing component that stabilises the whole system by counteracting the loads and distributing the weights evenly 


How Are Mobile Cranes Powered?

Mobile crane motors are designed to be powered in fully electricity, diesel or hybrid. The motor controls a combination of the components, which makes the crane much more manoeuvrable when lifting a heavy item.


How Do Mobile Cranes Work?

The crane’s mast is supported by a large heavy base that aids it in offsetting the weight it’s lifting. The top of the mast features a slewing unit that allows the crane to rotate through its gear, motor and jib, which assists the lifting action through its trolley. The crane motor and counterweights are contained in the machinery arm to offset the load. Mobile cranes feature a pulley system that allows the crane to lift heavier loads while requiring less force.


Mobile crane operators don’t just move and position the load but also have them assess the crane’s capacity while determining each load’s weight. They are also responsible for the set-up and positioning of the crane to ensure that it will not fail.



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Date posted: November 11, 2021 | St George Cranes