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How To Find The Right Crane For Your Job

All cranes are the same, basically lifting heavy materials and transporting them from a spot to another, which makes them a vital part of different projects, including small lifting jobs to large construction projects. But are all cranes really the same? Would any crane do the job no matter what? The answer is no, otherwise, we wouldn’t have seen people looking to hire cranes with specific requirements.

To decide which crane to hire for your next job, there are certain factors to consider to reach the right decision. Many crane rental companies will try to push the crane they have available but every crane is designed for a specific function or use. For instance, a tower crane would work better in the construction of a city skyscraper but would never work for a tight access job. Some versatile cranes can be used in different applications, such as franna cranes, but this does not mean they would work for ‘any’ project.

As a leading crane rental company in Sydney, we have put together 3 factors to consider before you hire a crane.

1. Duration, size, and weight

Different cranes have different capacities, with some cranes more ‘heavy-duty’ than others. The specifications and maximum lifting capacities must be followed for safety reasons. It is very important to understand your project requirements and explain these in detail to your crane hire company who should be able to advise you on the best crane for the job.

St George Cranes can help you find the best crane for your job that suits your budget too.

2. Transportation method

It is especially important to understand how the equipment will be transported to your project site. Crane transportation is sometimes overlooked but is a critical factor in choosing the crane for the job. Cranes are classified as either mobile cranes, rough terrain (crawler) cranes or tower cranes, which all have a different type of transportation mode.

3. Construction site’s environment

When hiring a crane, you must consider the conditions of the site where the crane will function. Brief your crane hire company on the expected weather conditions, spatial constraints, the ground conditions of your site and any other relevant conditions.

A good example would be rough terrain cranes that are best suited for construction sites with harsh ground conditions that an all-terrain crane might not withstand.


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Date posted: August 13, 2020 | St George Cranes