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6 Cranes Suitable For Construction Jobs In Sydney

With many cranes available for hire in the civil construction sites in Sydney, this heavy machinery is offered in different types to be used to lift and lower various materials as a temporary solution that is either fixed to the ground or mounted on a vehicle. The crane operator controls the movements through radio controls or by a push button.

At St George Cranes, we are not just another crane rental company in Sydney, our crane operators are able to fully operate different types of cranes according to the circumstances and environment. Here are some of the most commonly used cranes available to hire at St George Cranes.

1. Telescopic Crane

Equipped with height adjustments, its boom has tubes that are fitted inside each other, and works by extending or retracting the tubes to lengthen or shorten the boom to move items.

2. Mobile Crane

Mounted on a mobile platform, this is a basic crane is mounted on a wheel, a rail or even a cat truck that can be raised or lowered by cables or hydraulic cylinders. A variation of it is the mounted crane to provide optimal mobility by extending vertically or horizontally as required.

3. Tower Crane

Fixed to the ground, this is a modern form of a balance crane to provide the best height and lifting capabilities, which makes it an ideal crane for tall buildings.

4. Rough Terrain Crane

This crane is designed to be use off road as it offers excellent ground clearance, making it ideal for the most rugged terrain. They provide great flexibility when lifting a large load.

5. Suspended Crane

Also called overhead crane, mainly used in factories as it moves at angles to the direction along the elevated or ground level tracks.

6. Loader Crane

As the name describes it, it is used to load equipment onto a trailer. It can easily fit into small spaces by folding over, which makes it ideal for smaller operations when not in use.


Engineers on site hire various types of cranes during a project to move heavy materials and equipment. If you are looking for a crane rental company in Sydney, consult St George Crane hire, we have a range of fleet to choose from and crane operators you can rely on. Our cranes are great for the construction industry and are an asset to your construction site.

Date posted: September 18, 2019 | St George Cranes