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Crane Hire: Health & Safety

Crane hire is one of the most common processes in the construction and building industry. Cranes help moving heavy items at unattainable heights, even in inaccessible areas. People who work in construction in Sydney will eventually need to engage a crane rental company at some stage. As a general rule, it’s wiser from a financial perspective to hire a crane rather than buying one, as there are many cranes available for hire for various applications, so you don’t want to be ending up buying all types for usage, if you frequently require a crane, contact a local crane company and get affordable crane hire rates for all of the cranes you need down that route. Most companies will always also have a crane driver available.

Before hiring, consult a trustworthy crane hire company regarding what type of crane will suit your project best, based on your budget, the location, the items to be carried any many other factors. For example, the mini cranes are ideal for those who are working in small areas or inside a building, while there is the franna crane which works better in larger projects, or the pick-n-carry cranes for inaccessible areas. You also want to deal with a company that takes safety seriously.  

When contacting a crane rental agency, you will need to determine how much weight you will need the crane to lift, as each crane has a different lifting capacity and should never be overloaded under any circumstances, as unsafe actions could lead to catastrophes that you don’t want to experience, as well as crane failure which would cost a lot. Make a solid decision regarding how much weight capacity you need before committing to hiring.

When you are ready for the project, you don’t only need to make sure the crane and the materials to be carried have been assessed,  the working environment has to be meticulously assessed, this include the scope of movement and accessibility to make sure everyone stays safe, and you will not be causing any damage during the lifting and handling process. Simply ask yourself how much space you have and whether you have the freedom to move effectively in a 360 degrees radius or not? If not, you will have to choose one of the cranes that are specifically catered to small and difficult locations where movements are limited, such as the mini cranes and pick-n-carry cranes.

You will also need to consider whether you want a crane that is electrically or diesel-powered. Like anything, each has pros and cons associated with the choice. Electrically powered cranes work better in indoor environment since they are quite and do not emit any fumes. However, the diesel-powered cranes won’t have limitations to the number of working hours, they will just require more diesel on-the-go.

Last but not least, you need to consider you budget and the cost associated with crane hire. Nobody wants to pay more for what you can get cheap, but you don’t want to go with the cheapest crane hire available just to save few dollars, as this might compromise quality and reliability. Get a free quote online now from St George Cranes, your trusted crane hire company in Sydney.

Date posted: January 24, 2020 | St George Cranes