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Crane Hand Signals: What You Need To Know

Signalpersons are an integral part of many crane operations globally, they do not just use hand signals, but they also understand crane operations and limitations. The signaller should ultimately be aware of the consequences of any signal and assess the risk.

Unfortunately, signalling methods are not standardised globally, so it is important to check what each signal signifies for your local region. We have put together some samples below. All photos credit go to https://www.craneblogger.com/.


1. Hoist

2. Lower

3. Use Main Hoist

4. Use Whipline (Auxilary Hoist)

5. Raise Boom

6. Lower Boom

7. Move Slowly

8. Raise the Boom and Lower the Load

9. Lower the Boom and Raise the Load


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Date posted: February 8, 2021 | St George Cranes