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Are Construction Cranes Dangerous?

This has been a common question that we get asked by our clients. As a leading crane hire company in Sydney, we decided to discuss construction cranes to clear any misconception.

There are many cranes available in Sydney, whether purchased or hired through crane rental companies, but the one that people are concerned about the most are construction cranes more than the smaller cranes used such as the franna cranes or pick-and-carry cranes. This leads people to think that tower cranes which are the ones commonly used on construction sites to lift and transport heavy loads are the ones that can be extremely dangerous and often end with fatal consequences.

The truth is that any crane could be dangerous if the crane safety measures are not followed. Crane safety is important and should be taken seriously, not only when construction cranes are involved.  

Any crane that is mistakenly allowed to be overloaded is putting workers and assets at high risk of danger, including injuries and death if a crane collapse.

Luckily, Australia has a lower than the average global incident rate related to crane accidents. This does not mean that cranes do not become extremely dangerous if handled the wrong way. That is why it is important to find a reliable and experienced crane hire company to deal with, as it could cost a lot if you choose the cheapest crane rental in Sydney. Trusted companies will have operators who have the required experience on how heavy a load the crane can hold in different situations and how to manoeuvre the crane with that particular load in certain circumstances.

At St. George Cranes, we do not only offer cranes for hire in Sydney, but we also understand and follow the best practices and standards for crane safety. If you would like to hire a crane in Sydney at the best rates, talk to our team today. 

Date posted: January 18, 2021 | St George Cranes