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Should You Buy or Rent a Crane?

Every business requires a set of equipment in order to operate, and stakeholders always have to make the decision on whether to put the investment ahead and buy the required equipment, or rely on rental which could achieve the same target without having to put a lot of capital ahead.

This is especially true when we talk about cranes, because the investment to buy a quality crane is a lot, and you do not want a cheap crane at your business. This is why good crane rental companies exist in Sydney, to avoid businesses looking to hire a crane putting a lot of money towards the purchase, which can be used elsewhere to fund some important business investments.

Why Should You Hire a Crane?

There are many advantages when it comes to going with a crane rental company, this includes:

     Get the most advanced cranes in Sydney

     Choosing from a wide range available

     Avoid transportation expenses

     You do not need to worry about the maintenance hassle and costs

     You are not stuck with the single crane you have purchased

     Avoid servicing costs and potential repairs

     Pay for what you use only, it is on demand crane hire

     Avoid insurance fees

     No assets depreciation

     Avoid storage expenses and problems

When you hire a crane, you simply get access to a wide range of cranes available for rent in Sydney, including franna cranes, city cranes, pick-n-carry cranes, tight-access cranes, and many others more advanced or heavy duty cranes.

While each company has different requirements and circumstances, and they might have their own crane operators, some reliable crane hire companies in Sydney also offer you to hire a crane operator on demand, so that you would not need to train your crane operators on the various models available, this gives business and individuals the peace of mind. This is especially true when you go with a reputed crane rental company, as you would not have to worry about extended waiting periods, as they would usually have a lot of cranes available for hire.

Make sure when you choose to rent a crane in Sydney to find a rental company that is willing to provide qualified, trained, and skilled operators to avoid any problems with your project. They would have to do the work relating to training, licensing, and certification.

Should You Buy a Crane?

There are many disadvantages to buying a crane, so you need to be aware if you cannot find a reliable and affordable crane hire company in Sydney:

     When you buy a crane, you will have to pay all maintenance, repairs, and inspections expenses.

     You will need to source, train and insure your crane operators

     Find a good insurance policy for your crane, the operator and the project.

     You will have to sell the old crane and find a new one

     You will have to pay a lot of money upfront

     Transportation and storage costs are to be covered by your business

     You would not have access to many crane types – unless your business allows you to buy a range of crane types

When you do some research, you will probably find that hiring a crane in Sydney is a better option, but make sure you find a crane hire company that is reputable and experienced.

Remember, there are many liabilities relating to buying a crane, so it is probably easier for you to speak to a local crane hire company in Sydney and discuss your requirements before making a decision.


Date posted: June 9, 2020 | St George Cranes