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A Guide To Mini Crawler Cranes

Mini crawler cranes have revolutionised the construction industry, providing unparalleled versatility and efficiency in a compact design. Among the industry leaders in crawler crane manufacturing is Maeda, a Japanese company that has dominated the Australian market since 1980. At St George Cranes, we offer a Maeda 3t Crawler Crane, also known as a mini crawler crane due to its size, or as a spider crane due to its legs and positioning ability. In this blog, we cover all you need to know about mini crawler cranes to see if our option suits your requirements.

What are Mini Crawler Cranes?

Mini crawler cranes are powerful and versatile construction machines designed for lifting and moving heavy loads. What distinguishes crawler cranes from other types of cranes is their mobility mechanism — instead of wheels, they use a set of crawler tracks. These tracks enable them to move across various terrains, making them particularly well-suited for construction sites with uneven or challenging ground conditions. 

Key Features and Components of Crawlers

Our 3t crawler crane comes equipped with a range of standard features that enhance its performance and safety. These include a remote control with a digital display, crane and travel two-speed functions, hook block options, an automatic hook stowage system, a diagnostic display panel, a programmable moment limiter, and more. Understanding the structure of crawler cranes involves exploring their hydraulic systems and power sources.

Advantages of Mini Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes, especially spider cranes, stand out for their stability and mobility on various terrains, thanks to their crawler tracks that replace traditional wheels. This feature makes them ideal for construction sites with rugged terrain or confined spaces where larger cranes may struggle to access. The four-legged design of the spider cranes also allows them to maintain a smaller footprint than other cranes and keeps them compact in areas with limited space. This feature also enables them to be more manoeuvrable than other crane options, making them ideal for applications where positioning needs to be precise. Additionally, the option for an electric motor enables clean indoor operations without gas emissions, making them suitable for environmentally sensitive areas.

Disadvantages of Mini Crawler Cranes

While mini crawlers have their advantages, their limitations may impact some projects more than others. One disadvantage is their limited lifting capacity which makes them less suitable for projects where heavy lifting is required. Due to their shorter boom, they can have a limited reach. This can be a disadvantage for some crane applications. 

Mini Crawler Crane Applications in Construction

Crawler cranes find application in a wide range of construction projects, showcasing their versatility and efficiency. Some key applications include:

  • Glazing Works: The use of vacuum glass handlers allows for the precise installation of glass in required locations.

  • Curtain Wall Installation: Mini cranes can be strategically placed in high-rise buildings to install outer walls, such as glass frames, efficiently.

  • Restricted Access Projects: In confined spaces or areas with obstacles, crawler cranes play a crucial role, providing stability with their four supportive ‘spider’ legs.

  • Rooftop Work: Mini cranes can be placed on rooftops to lift materials, eliminating the need for larger cranes and reducing construction periods and costs.

  • Residential Construction: The accessibility of mini cranes makes them suitable for lifting materials both inside and outside residences, even in challenging locations.

  • Plant, Factory & Automotive Maintenance: Crawler cranes are used for equipment maintenance, line replacement, and material lifting in spaces where overhead cranes are not available.

  • Facility Equipment Installation: The accessibility of mini cranes makes them invaluable for installing display panels and signs in large commercial buildings.

  • Tunnel/Underground Work: Mini cranes are employed for works inside tunnels, where limited working space requires compact and manoeuvrable equipment.

  • Works on Uneven Ground: Crawler cranes with their crawler tracks can access the most uneven ground, even balancing on stairs and other challenging terrains using outriggers.

Making Informed Decisions


Whether you call them spider cranes or mini crawler cranes, these cranes have provided unparalleled versatility in the construction industry. St George Cranes, with over 25 years of experience, provides 3t Crawler Cranes for hire, as well as a wide selection of other crane options. Contact us today to find a tailored solution to your crane needs.

Date posted: January 11, 2024 | St George Cranes