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Introduction To Our Crane Fleet

Cranes are used for an incredibly diverse range of jobs every day, from construction to infrastructure to every kind of heavy lifting imaginable. To manage every type of job, you need a diverse collection of cranes and that’s where St George Cranes comes in.

Our collection of cranes can do the job, whether that means tight access, rough terrain or heavily lifting. With such a diverse client base and so many jobs and worksites around, we’ve evolved our range of mobile cranes to go anywhere and complete any job.

We have crawler cranes, Franna cranes and heavy lifters available. To learn more about our range, explore our overview below.

The Great Crane Overview

Our range of mobile cranes reflects our work:

  • 3T Crawler Crane: This crane is perfect on any construction site and it’s extremely versatile, too. The 3T Crawler Crane is a good space manager – it can manage heavy loads in almost any position and any environment.
  • 10T City Crane: This crane is called a “rough terrain” crane for a good reason. It’s designed to go anywhere and deliver high productivity in all types of terrain. Variable boom options mean it can work with an impressive reach. You’ll almost certainly have seen one of our cranes on the job, working hard around Sydney.
  • 20T City Crane: The big brother of the 10T crane, this is a very maneuverable heavy lifter with high load capacity and good onsite manoeuvrability. If you need a heavy load handled quickly and efficiently on a difficult site, this is your one-stop solution.
  • 15T Franna Crane: Franna cranes are famous for their toughness and versatile “pick and carry” capabilities. They’re designed to manage loads over distances in any terrain and deliver excellent load capacity on any site. We use Franna cranes because they’re extremely good at their jobs and better suited to some roles and sites.
  • 20T Franna Crane: A larger and highly agile Franna crane, the 20T is a good all-rounder when you’re dealing with a mix of heavy and other loads. It can do anything onsite and, like all Franna cranes, it has that added carrying capacity, which makes it invaluable.
  • 55T Crane: The Godzilla of cranes, this machine is able to do any job that needs doing. It’s ideal for jobs where you’re dealing with load carriage, offloading large quantities of materials, and handling heavyweight objects. These heavy lifters are highly regarded by engineers and construction professionals as productive lifters and movers.

Find the Best Mobile Crane Hire in Sydney

If you’d like to find out more about our cranes or you’re looking for a top quality mobile crane for your job, talk to our experts. We can help you with technical details, onsite issues, and any guidance you need.Contact us online or by phone on 02 9546 6680. We’re happy to assist.

Date posted: September 23, 2018 | St George Cranes