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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Crane

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to juggle tons of steel in the air while you’re firmly planted on the ground? Well, when it comes to hiring a crane, it’s not quite the circus act you might imagine. It’s a highly serious business that requires planning and careful consideration. Whether you’re overseeing a construction project, performing heavy lifting, or tackling any task that requires a crane, making the right choices and ensuring a safe operation are of utmost importance. We will explore the essential factors you should consider when hiring a crane, from its arrival and placement to risk assessment. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of crane operations, with a focus on safety and efficiency.

Your Crane’s Arrival & Placement

When it comes to cranes, ‘where’ is just as important as ‘what.’ Proper placement of the crane can make or break a project.  First, consider accessibility. Will the crane be able to reach the site easily? Are there any overhead obstructions like trees or power lines? Ensure that there is ample space for the crane to manoeuvre, and make sure to clear the area of debris or any potential tripping hazards to ensure safety for all parties and the environment. Once this is done, consider whether the ground is solid and stable enough to support the crane’s weight. Imagine this: you’re all set to start your lift, and suddenly, the crane begins to sink into the ground. Consider the load-bearing capacity of the ground and utilise methods to distribute the crane’s weight more evenly. 

Your Lift Plan & Possible Obstructions

Once the crane is on-site, you must have a clear lift plan. This involves determining the weight and dimensions of the object you need to lift, which is a critical aspect when choosing the correct crane for your project. Accounting for any potential obstructions is also a critical aspect of crane hire  — no one likes a surprise obstacle in the middle of a lift. Think about the height of the object, as well as its weight distribution. For delicate or intricate lifts, it might be wise to consult with an engineer to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Council Approvals & Permits

When it comes to crane hire and use, you may encounter red tape and permit issues. Depending on your location, you might need various permits for crane operations. These permits could include road closures or permissions to operate within specific areas. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to obtain these permits. Plan well in advance to avoid project delays. At St George Cranes, our services include obtaining all council approvals and police permits that may be required, saving you the hassle and headaches.

Conducting Risk Assessments

Every crane lift is unique, and it’s essential to assess the specific risks associated with your project. Are there unstable surfaces nearby? What about inclement weather? High winds or rain can turn a routine lift into a disaster. Develop a comprehensive risk assessment that takes into account all potential hazards and outlines the steps to mitigate them. Safety measures like barricades and warning signs are a must to keep everyone on site aware and safe. Ensure that all team members involved in the lift are aware of the risks and are trained in safety protocols. A well-prepared team is more likely to execute a successful lift. 

Professional Crane Operators

In the world of crane operations, there’s no room for guesswork. Leave it to the professionals who have the knowledge and experience to get the job done safely and efficiently. Crane operators should be properly trained and certified, and they should have a deep understanding of the crane’s capabilities and limitations. Never underestimate the value of experience when it comes to crane operations.

Crane Hire at St George Cranes

Hiring a crane is no laughing matter. It’s a complex task that requires careful planning, expertise, and a dedication to safety. From the crane’s arrival and placement to the risk assessment, every step should be taken seriously to ensure a successful and accident-free lift. Remember that when it comes to cranes, safety should always be your top priority. Contact us at St George Cranes to see our range of cranes and hire a crane today. 


Date posted: November 24, 2023 | St George Cranes