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10 Fun Facts About Cranes

You’ve definitely seen these tall, mechanical figures hoist equipment gracefully over the city skyline. Maybe you even understand the machinery and physics behind the operation, 

At St. George Cranes, our appreciation for these awe-inspiring mechanical marvels runs deep. We don’t just see cranes as utilitarian tools; we consider them a captivating fusion of science, engineering, and artistry. We pride ourselves on possessing an intimate knowledge of cranes, from the nuts and bolts to the intricate inner workings, and we’re excited to share this passion with you. So here are 10 facts about cranes that will help you understand the marvels of construction.


  1. Cranes Build Themselves!

The crane grows its mast with a hydraulic jacking system that raises the crane’s central mast or tower section, allowing it to add new sections below. This self-assembly process continues iteratively until the crane reaches the desired height for the construction project.


  1. Crane TV

Crane operators often rely on a small video screen inside the cab to see the load they’re lifting, as it’s nearly impossible to have a clear view of it from such heights.


  1. Lego Crane

In 2012, a team in the Netherlands set a record for constructing the world’s largest Lego crane, using more than 2.9 million Lego bricks and standing at over 130 feet (40 metres) tall.


  1. Mobile Cranes

2018 statistics show that mobile cranes account for 70% of all crane market share, with the demand for these models continually rising.


  1. Aussie Cranes

In the first quarter of 2023, 832 cranes were in use across Australia.


  1. Eiffel Tower Construction

The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, completed in 1889, was initially assembled using more than 18,000 individual pieces of iron held together by over 2.5 million rivets, with the help of cranes, of course.


  1. Floating Cranes in WWII

During World War II, the U.S. military utilised massive floating cranes, known as “Hercules ships,” to quickly repair damaged warships in the Pacific Theater.


  1. Cranes in Filmmaking

Tower cranes have been used as camera platforms on film sets to capture sweeping aerial shots and panoramic views, providing unique angles for filmmakers.


  1. Unconventional Lifts

Cranes have been used for unconventional tasks, such as moving famous landmarks, like the Tower Bridge in London, for maintenance and restoration.


  1. Colossal Cranes

The SGC-250 crane holds the title of the world’s largest crane, boasting an astounding maximum load moment of 250,000 metric tonnes, granting it the exceptional capacity to hoist a remarkable 5,000 tonnes.


Hopefully this list revealed something new to you about cranes. Here, it becomes clear that cranes are more than just machines; they are symbols of human achievement and the boundless heights we can reach when we combine engineering with imagination. If these facts about cranes left you inclined to hire one, contact St George Cranes for advice and assistance.

Date posted: September 16, 2023 | St George Cranes