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Franna Cranes History: What to Know Before You Hire a Crane

As a leading crane hire company in Sydney, we offer a wide range of cranes for rent at incredibly competitive prices. Among the most common cranes, we have is the franna crane.




A Franna crane is one of the most popular types of pick-and-carry cranes that are designed to travel on public roads from a job to another like all other mobile cranes. A franna crane is different than a mobile crane though, since it does not have outriggers or stabilizing legs. It cannot be used for extended radii, but rather work within a tighter radius where it picks up a load and carries it to the desired destination.


A common industry term is a ‘taxi crane’ since they work pretty much like taxis, but for loads instead of people, moving them from one site to another. It is also allowed to travel on the road, so it can be used on multiple sites on the same day and are popular within the Sydney construction industry.




The name Franna is a combination of two names ‘Francis’ and his daughter ‘Anna’. Dave Francis is an Australian engineer who designed the first-ever pick-and-carry crane in 1980, and he named his company ‘Franna’.


His company was then sold to Lou Parolin and Brisan Haintook who started working on manufacturing different prototypes based on the initial Franna design, which made the crane even more popular in Australia due to its versatility and practicality.


By the time the company was taken over by US-based heavy equipment manufacturing giant, Terex, in 1999, over 1000 Franna cranes had been sold. Once acquired by Terex, Franna cranes were rebranded as Terex-Frannas, however, to this day all pick and carry cranes are generally referred to as Franna cranes.




Franna cranes are so popular in Australia today that most cranes hire companies will have at least one Franna crane in their fleet.


Since their conception, Franna cranes have been continually tested and developed to produce a superior product. Today there is a range of different Franna cranes available with lifting capacities ranging from 10 to 25 tons.


Franna cranes are now available worldwide, and they are immensely popular in the mining and construction industries in Australia as well as many other applications such as machinery installations, shutdown work, mining, sensitive loads, and more.




The optimal manoeuvrability and versatility of a Franna crane make it one of the most hired in Sydney. If you are looking for a reliable crane hire company in Sydney, talk to our team today at St. George Cranes.

Date posted: September 25, 2020 | admin