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What Is A Franna Crane?

A Franna crane is one of the most popular ‘pick-and-carry’ cranes in Australia, that is designed to travel on public roads and transport materials. The difference between a Franna crane and mobile crane is that since it does not have stabilising legs , it can only be used to pick and carry within a small radius. Franna cranes are one of the most versatile cranes available on the market as it’s mobile and has a compact frame, which makes it suitable for domestic and commercial projects.


History of Franna Cranes


The name ‘Franna’ came from Dave Francis and his daughter Anna. Dave Francis is an Australian engineer that designed the first pick-and-carry crane in 1980. The company was sold to Lou Parolin and Brian Haintook, who manufactured different crane prototypes based on the Franna design. The Franna crane was popularised due to its versatility and functionality in-comparison with other cranes on the market. The Franna crane sold over 1,000 units by the time that the heavy equipment manufacturing company Terex acquired the business.


Benefits of Franna Cranes

There are many advantages to using Franna cranes over mobile cranes including the reduction of project costs. These are the 3 benefits on why you should use Franna cranes:


Franna cranes are designed for the public road and the same crane can be used on multiple different project sites. . It is a highly versatile pick-and-carry crane that can travel a long distance with a full load. The Franna’s manoeuvrability allows it to fit in tight spaces that wouldn’t be possible with cranes that use stabilising legs. 

Compact Design

The Franna crane does not have stabilisers or outriggers, which makes it the ideal crane for projects that have limited area accessibility. The lack of stabilising legs on Franna cranes means that there is a reduction in labour and time required to set up the crane.

Suitability For Small and Big Projects

The Franna crane is a versatile machine that is perfect for domestic and commercial projects. It is able to lift small loads for domestic jobs and is still suitable for big lifts. There is a wide range of Franna cranes available on the market with a lifting capacity ranging from 10 to 25 tonnes. The Franna crane can be used for mining and construction related projects including machinery installations, sensitive load handling and much more.


The Franna crane is one of the most reliable and versatile cranes available on the market. If you are looking to hire a Franna crane in Sydney, talk to our St. George Crane team today for more information.


Date posted: September 25, 2020 | St George Cranes